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Why Us

Delivering foundation fitness courses through to advanced professional development diplomas, we are for people who are serious about their health and fitness career and want to be the best they can be.

We believe the best people to teach Personal Trainers, are Personal Trainers. People that have been where you are and have gone on to build successful, long term and financially successful careers in the health and fitness industry.

We purposely do not offer funding through SFA / Government funded pathways as the delegates that we typically work with have made a commitment to their own health and fitness career journey. This allows us to keep the delegate sizes small for our face to face courses, giving each delegate more focus and better specialization around like-minded individuals.

Savant Squared offers the best start and supporting platform that money can buy. You will be exposed to established Trainers who will give you the inside track and critical information that is seldom shared by training companies. Your first step in to the world and industry of Health and Fitness can make or break your career, make sure you choose carefully. ?

Our Story

In 2011 Andy McGlynn, founded LSF-PT. A multi-site National company that went on to work with over 2000 personal trainers, helping them to build a business from the skills and knowledge they had acquired through their personal training qualifications.

LSF-PT Education was formed, initially focusing on the higher learning qualifications, but became increasingly aware of the gap in the market for a high end training provider.

Combining the experience, knowledge and skill sets required to create a long term and financially successful career, Savant Squared was formed for people that are serious about becoming the best they can be.

This same information and crucial content developed over years with LSF-PT, now percolates through Savant Squared’s education programmes, giving you, the learner, the absolute best start money can buy.

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