Who Is Savant Squared?

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Who is Savant Squared?

The Management of Savant Squared have mentored and supported literally thousands of PT’s throughout their extremely extensive careers as Personal Training Managers and Mentors.

Due to this extremely established track record of recruiting, screening, mentoring and coaching front line Personal Trainers, this same team are in the perfect position to assist any new aspiring Fitness Professional with their own journey in to the industry, above and beyond any other Education company in the UK.

At Savant Squared, our Education courses combined with our advanced skills training, abundant advice and information and careers guidance ensure that you are in the best possible place for learning and getting the head start you need to succeed in this popular and still-growing industry.

Savant Squared is made up of the senior Management team that founded and built LSF-Personal Training; this is one of the most successful multi-site PT operations in the UK and Europe with leading PT% percentages and historically low PT attrition rates.

It’s worth reiterating; only at Savant Squared can you get:

- additional advanced knowledge and content
- specific and bespoke career support
- and guidance that only somebody who has an established, distinguished track record in Personal Training can give you.

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